green and grey

backup guitarist with no band

27 October 1988
East Greenwich
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I've just looked at my bio for the first time in, what, two years? Apparently I'm an emo lame-ass fresh out of high school.

That's a lie. Here's an updated version: I'm me, I go to RIC, I study and work in technical theatre, which is slowly morphing me into a pretty knowledgeable geek, and I am soooo down with that. I still love bunnies (don't think that'll change) but I also love passing time with friends, Romans, and Countrymen (especially the countrymen) or just passing an afternoon with a cup 'o tea and a good book.

"I don't know
But I've been told
If you keep on dancing
Then you never grow old..."

peace, love, and groove

my pet!
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